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Terrace Houses Watercolour Rachel hinds.jpg

Rachel Hinds

Born in Leeds, UK

Lives & works in Yorkshire.


Grants & Awards 

2015 - Leeds Inspired Grant.



2012 - 'Landscapes Real and Imaginary', Patrick Studios,             East Street Arts, Leeds.

2013 - 'The Fabulous recycling and Discourse on the                     Environment Exhibition', Melbourne Street Studios.

2015 - 'Light', Leftbank, Headingley, Leeds.

2016 - 'Light & Imaginary Worlds', Seven Arts Centre,

            Chapeltown, Leeds. 

2016 - 'Art is a Lie that Reveals the Truth', group show,

            Cupola Contemporary Art, Sheffield.

2016 - Jazz Paintings, Hope Art Gallery, Redbrick, Batley.

2017-  Torhaus Gallery, Dortmund.

2017 - 'Engage in Colour' group show, Creative Arts Hub,

            Mirfield, 7th July - 12th August.

2017 - 'Journey to Abstraction', Leftbank, Headingley,

            Leeds, 3rd August - 28th September.

2018 - 'From the Studio Floor,' 5th Annual Charity

Exhibition, St Barnabas, Mill Road, Cambridge.

2018 - 'Abstract Expressionism', group show, 35 Chapel             Walk Gallery, Sheffield.

2019 - 'From the Studio Floor,' 6th Annual Charity

Exhibition, St Barnabas, Mill Road, Cambridge,

14 - 18th May.

2020 - Selected paintings, Bingley Gallery.

2023 - Kensington Dolls House and Miniatures Festival,               miniature paintings, May.

2023 - Selected paintings, Tamara Lawson Gallery, June   

2023 - Kensington Dolls House and Miniatures Festival,

           miniature paintings, Autumn Online Show, 4th -

            10th September.


2016 - 'The Human Condition, Patrick Studios, Leeds.

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