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Commission - Three Quinces in 24th Scale Frame.jpg

Three Quinces* 3 x 2 cm
The customer provided the frame.

For a commission I need the following:


  • A clear idea of what you want - in the above example, it was 'Paint three quinces'!

  • A photo if you want a specific location or look to the piece. For example, with the cats (below) I had photos to work from and reimagined the pair as Edwardian cats.

  • Paid up front! I'll send an invoice once terms have been agreed.

  • I'll send an image of the finished painting to you for approval before posting.

  • And that's it! 

  • Contact me here for a commission..

A few commissions so far...

Edwardian cats approx 5 x 6 cm


Grandaughter (with cake) 6 x 7cm 


The Blue Mouse 8.5 x 7 cm approx

The Blue Mouse in a Georgian styled room box.

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